Table reservation online

For pubs, bars and restaurants


No registration required. Before making a reservation, just enter a few details and you'll get to check if the place you like has free tables. No personal data is necessary to see availability.


Once a guest books a table, the reservation goes straight to the restaurant, bar, or pub. Our goal is to maintain excellent rapport with our users and to provide full customer assistance – thus ensuring that guests are satisfied with our service.

HOSPITALITY is like grassroots movement. We want to make sure that anyone is able to make reservations online, easily and reliably, and find places where they are warmly welcomed.


We know that "there's an app for everything". The trend also reached Hungary in the last few years, and there's an ever-increasing demand to make reserving a table easier, to move the process online. When we started development on, it was a labour of love and now it is our number one priority to provide outstanding service for our users. © 2016 | All rights reserved. | Terms & Conditions